Address book: a connection with folks back home

We found a little brown book with 1943 and 1944 calendars at the beginning and the end:

1943 calendar 1944 calendar

In between the calendars are several pages of reference material, and a great many addresses, most written in Billy's hand. However, there is one that was written by the object of the address, namely, June's, along with a warning note, seen here at the top of the page:

address book page

Another interesting item on the page is the address for "Lt. S. W. Estes," who is known as "Lard," and was one of Billy's best friends. Estes ended up being stationed in England not long after Billy arrived there, and they were able to see each other several times. There are many crossed-out addresses for Lard in the address book, showing how he moved around while in training, and how carefully Billy kept up with his movements.


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