Roadside in France

Gallery of Photos taken in France
(and other French souvenirs)

Written on the reverse of the picture at left:
"Road past Lessay, South to Coutances"

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Two aerial views of Paris are at the left; above is a picture of Chartres Cathedral/ See some interior photos below. Thanks to M. Lionel Lemarchant, of Normandy, who corrected my earlier erroneous identification of this photo!


The card reproduced above is from a hotel in a nice part of Paris which offers "every comfort" and "bathrooms" in their "rooms for travelers." On the reverse someone wrote 1) a person's name and 2) a kind of stew made in the French countryside (possibly a specialty of the Hotel de la Place de l'Odéon?). "Carrefous de l'Odéon" is an intersection, probably giving more explicit directions to the hotel. The card was found among other mementos Billy saved from his adventures in Europe. (Thanks to Rosemary Clark, PhD., for her help in translating and interpreting the writing on the card.)


Views of Mont St. Michel—from ground level above and from the air, at right; below, there is a close-up of the structure, and another aerial view.

A street scene in Rennes...

... and a "beauty of a peaceful scene" (written on the reverse) in Brittany.

Chartres Cathedral Chartres postcard

Chartres Cathedral

Presumably Billy took the two photographs here of the interior of Chartres Cathedral. The postcard above has no message on the reverse, but was found with some others that he sent Una.


Written on the reverse of the picture above: "What's left of Caen"

Top right: an aerial view of Cherbourg
Right: Coutances



St. Lo
St. Lo
Two views of St. Lô—on the reverse of the photo at left was written, "Believe this was St. Lo," and on the one at right: "St. Lo: What Price Victory?"


And two different views, presumably of liberated France... (unfortunately these charming pictures have no identifying notes on the reverse)

French children

French children

In addition to photographs, we found a small box with some souvenirs from Billy's time in Europe. Some of the items in the box were these pieces of French currency: 10, 20 and 100 franc notes. The 10 franc note has a 1944 date on it, while the 20 franc note is dated 1942 and the 100 franc note, 1939.

10 franc note
10 franc note
20 franc note
20 franc note
100 franc note
100 franc note


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