Here are a selection of some, but by no means all, of the most interesting images from Billy's time in the Arctic. On this page are photos of people, mostly Billy, but also some of the folks he encountered during his Arctic Sojourn. For other subject matter, see these pages: AerialsAround NewfoundlandPlanesIce and Snow

Many more photos, including higher resolution versions of some of the images on these pages, can be seen in these Flickr Albums: Arctic SojournArctic Sojourn: Scenery. The Albums also include scans of notes written on the reverse of some of the photographs, and transcripts of other labels. Color images are from slides; black and white are from photographic prints.

survival school: 3 guys
Billy (on the left) and 2 friends, probably at Goose Bay survival school, 1953
guy at the counter
Waiting for service at the counter, probably Pepperrell AFB
Billy and friend
Billy and a friend identified as Maury Winzinger
Billy at Brigus, NL
Billy at Brigus, near St. John's
Billy with hole in ice
Billy with hole in the ice, probably at survival school
Billy looking at marine plants
Billy gets a closer look at some marine flora;
in the mid-'50's, jeans were jeans and tennies tennies!
Billy near St. John's
enjoying the countryside near St. John's
Billy at Pepperrell
Billy at Pepperrell AFB
Berndt Balchren
auditorium at Thule; red line points to famed Arctic aviator Berndt Balchren
Danish officials
liaison from the Danish government at Thule