Stateside Photos
These are the most interesting photos, all official Air Force photos, from Billy's time in Great Falls. You can see more, and larger images of these, in this Flickr Album.

riding on a wing

Billy with a colleague riding the wing


a dramatic official photo of Billy

San Antonio group

a group headed for San Antonio in 1959;
Billy is on the left, and I believe Col. Young is 6th from the left

Great Falls Airport

aerial view of Great Falls Airport, the area of which is used
by the Montana Air National Guard


contrails over Great Falls?


Billy looks like he's paying more attention to the briefing than most of his colleagues

Beacon Bar

Billy in front of the Beacon Bar in 1960

handball team

I remember Billy loved playing handball; here he is with his team.
The only man I recognize is Henry Maine, who is on Billy's left

handball action

here's part of the team in action

4 guys

this photo was labelled 1958: Mueller, Lewis, Haggarty, Tanberg

shaking hands

Billy meeting a dignitary;
I believe the man in the middle is Col. Young

Boise group

this photo was labelled "Bush, Maine, Richards, Lewis:
Boise, Idaho—1957"

4 pilots

the same guys as in the "Boise" photo;
perhaps it was taken on this trip?

dining hall

a relaxing moment, probably in the Malmstrom Officer's Club


Four MANG jets in formation